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2017 Escorted Asia Tours and River Cruises

On one of our 2017 Asia Tours, you'll rediscover the beauty and history of one of the world's oldest civilizations... You'll experience the Great Wall of China, Yangtze River, Ruins of Angkor, famous temples of Japan, Tiananmen Square, and the Terracotta Warriors.

2017 Escorted Asia Tours and River Cruises 

Asia is a wondrous place filled with history that spans the ages, but how many of us can name ten (10) countries off the top of our heads... I mean, it's easy to bring up the obvious ones (China, Japan, Cambodia, Singapore...), but how many of us are able to name the not-so obvious ones?

When we think of Egypt, do we really think of Egypt as being part of Africa? If I were to ask you to find Israel on the map, which continent would you look through first? Don't worry, many have also looked through Europe too.

Other countries that make up the largest continent on Earth are:

  • India
  • Aside from being the seventh largest country in the world, India is vast with Himalayan peaks to the north, coastlines to the south, and an abundance of Culture, Temples, Wildlife, and Cuisine in between. India is a destination you'll never forget!

  • Israel
  • Regarded as The Biblical Holy Land, Israel s located in the Middle East on the Mediterranean. Israel's most sacred sites are located in its capital, "Jerusalem".

  • Jordan
  • Although located in a region of unrest, Jordan has proven time and time again of welcoming foreign visitors with arms wide open... For those who have only seen "Lawrence of Arabia", you may now follow in his footsteps through Wadi Rum. You may also experience the crown jewel of Jordan's antiquities, "Petra". You may also want to test the waters of the Dead Sea, which is a salt lake located 400 meters below sea level.

  • Russia
  • Although the majority of Russia's economy is European, over seventy percent (70%) of its land mass is in Asia... The Ural Mountains are what separate the side of Russia in Europe from the rest of Russia in Asia.

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Nestled along the Persian Gulf, lies The United Arab Emirates or UAE... Although The UAE is made up of seven (7) Emirates, the two (2) points of interests most know The UAE for are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of The UAE. In Dubai of course you have the ultra-luxurious Burj Khalifa and other extravagant attractions. In UAE's capital of Abu Dhabi, is known for Yas Island, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and the observation deck on the Etihad Towers Hotel.

Here's my point, just because someone re-discovered the city of Petra in 1812, doesn't mean you can't go and rediscover it yourself over two hundred years later... That's what the experience of travel provides, the opportunity to rediscover with brand new eyes; those eyes being yours who had yet to lay them on such beauty!

2017 Asia Tours

2017 Cambodia Tours          2017 China Tours

2017 Japan Tours            2017 Myanmar Tours

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2017 Asia River Cruises

If you're planning a 2017 Escorted Asia Tour and River Cruise, the three 2017 river cruise packages to look out for are: 2017 Yangtze River Cruise, 2017 Mekong River Cruise, and 2017 Irrawaddy River Cruise. Click below on each of the images to see our lists of cruises available to you!

2017 Asia River Cruises   2017 Asia River Cruises   2017 Asia River Cruises


Most Popular Asia Tours

Grand Tour of Indochina

By Cox and Kings. 19 Days starting at $7,165

This expansive tour takes in the best of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, staying in characterful hotels throughout. The journey begins in relatively untouched Laos, exploring the ancient temples of Luang Prabang and the French colonial legacy. Continuing.. (click for more)


Highlights of Vietnam with Cambodia 2017

By Trafalgar Tours. 15 Days starting at $3,750

Discover Vietnam's famous highlights on this fascinating trip, which also reveals Cambodia's ancient Khmer culture and mystical Angkor Wat.It's Insider moments like… witnessing the wild beauty of Angkor Wat and the Ta Prohm temple a.. (click for more)


Three Kingdoms of Indochina

By Collette Tours. 19 Days starting at $3,599

A Cultural Adventure Delve into an ancient and mysterious world. Begin in Vietnam and explore its complex relationship with the west. From there, a colorful mosaic unfolds. Learn unique culinary secrets in the ancient town of Hoi An. Cruise overnigh.. (click for more)


Ultimate Southeast Asia and The Majestic Mekong Southbound (WSB2018)

By Avalon Waterways. 21 Days starting at $7,451

NOTE: Intra-country airfare is required for this tour and is included in the prices below along with applicable air taxes. Please contact a travel agent for more information.THIS IS A THEAM BASED ITINERARY: Each departure date listed in the dates an.. (click for more)


Grand China and the Yangtze

By Uniworld River Cruises. 18 Days starting at $7,499

This Itinerary sails in this Direction:568An in-depth exploration of China’s rich history and extraordinary cultural wonders.  Your journey starts in Beijing, with tours of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Walk along the Great Wa.. (click for more)


Asia Travel & Cruise Tours

Travel through Asia and endure the world’s largest continent by storm. Stand where terra cotta soldiers stood guard for their emperor. Walk on the Great Wall of China. Marvel at gardens and temples of Japan. Indulge yourself at the Taj Mahal. Cruise through the Yangtze and Mekong rivers. These are few of the many places to see in Asia.

Many of our tours visit countries like China, Japan, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam that are in Asia. It is recommended that you visit these countries for about a 2 week time frame to really experience the culture each country has to offer.

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